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The Fancy Biscuit – RVA

It was a perfect Saturday morning.

  1. Cold rain knocking on my window.
  2. Grey skies shunning us from the sun.
  3. My boyfriend sleeping in, while I lay in bed starving to death.

Okay, maybe I’m over-exaggerating – it wasn’t that cold out. But yes, I was starving to death! My boyfriend is the type of person that sleeps in and doesn’t eat breakfast (go figure). I, on the other hand, enjoy waking up early, eating breakfast, and getting my morning started. And for this exact reason, I keep a big bag of kit-kats stashed beside his bed. But we were at my place. And I didn’t have kit-kats… I was doomed! So I did what I had to do to survive – I woke him up to eat breakfast…

Since I’m spending my last few months in Richmond, I want to take advantage of all of the quality, local restaurants. (Support your local business owners!) There are so many hidden gems here, and I’m sure there will be hidden gems wherever you go, but Richmond just screams culture, art, and my favorite of them all – food.

We decided on the Fancy Biscuit.

It shares a cute, little space with Shyndigz-2-Go on Cary St. Prepare to wait a bit, it’s a local favorite. It was our first time there, and let me just say I spent a long time deciding on what I wanted. This is coming from someone that doesn’t like to take risks when it comes to food. I am beginning to put my tastes buds out there though. It’s a big milestone for someone that used to order only chicken tenders and fries at sit-down restaurants.

What I love most about these smaller businesses is that they care about customer satisfaction. The Fancy Biscuit is a busy restaurant. When I sat down, all I saw were staff members weaving in and out between tables, disappearing, and reappearing with food. With that being said, having self served water is a major plus for busy places. If the food is good, I want to enjoy every minute of it, which means refreshing my throat with a nice, cold glass of water. And of course, this cute, quirky place would have mason jars instead of disposable cups!

We didn’t wait that long for our food. At least it didn’t feel that long since I spent most of the time admiring, and taking pictures of, the decorations. Alas, our food had arrived accompanied by a warm, genuine greeting from the waitress. The grin on my face matched hers, but more so because she had two plates of food in her hands.

From left to right: Shrimp & Grits biscuit and the B&G

I got the B&G – your standard biscuits and gravy. I’m a big biscuit lover, and I’m not lying to you when I say that they were (Chris Traeger voice) literally the fluffiest biscuits I’ve ever tried. My boyfriend can attest to it. Drowning my biscuits was a sausage gravy mixed with some maple to give it a nice hint of sweet and spicy. Let me tell you, on a cold, rainy day, biscuits and gravy is the perfect comfort food. Like I said before, it was a perfect Saturday morning.

My boyfriend got a shrimp & grits biscuit. It has a cool name that me and my boyfriend cannot remember at the present time. It’s also not currently on their online menu. Maybe it’s a seasonal special? If so you should get yours now! I had my fork in his plate so much I forgot I had my own food. Another hospitable waitress stopped by and asked us how we were enjoying our meal. She even asked if I was stealing bites from his plate…

Anywhooo, now I know next time to get my own plate.

If you’re in the area, please stop by this wonderful establishment! And please take me with you! I still have to try the other things on their menu. Don’t worry, I won’t ask to have a bite of your food.

But if you’re willing to offer, I won’t say no!

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